How to activate youtube easily with using

Youtube is one of the most amazing and popular video streaming platforms. Now you can enjoy youtube on your other devices such as Apple, Xbox, Wii, and more with the help of YouTube activation code. Youtube is now owned by Google so you must have a google account to access youtube. The activation code is different for different devices which you will get after the installation of the YouTube application in your specific device. And once you completed all the steps your device will automatically be paired with your YouTube account and you are ready to watch your favorite videos on a big screen with your friends and family.

Steps to activate youtube using

  1. To start with the first step install the application in your device and then launch the application. Now go to the “settings “ section of the application where you need to find the “Link Device” option. Click on “Link Device” and you will be redirected to a new screen where you will get an “Activation Code”. This “Activation Code” is your key to activate youtube account in your device.
  2. Now grab your computer mouse and connect it with your laptop or computer, open a browser and go to youtube account. Here, you need to check the “connected device” category. If this action work successfully then your browser is compatible for use the code appeared on the TV screen. You need to perform these steps only once. This means if you activated your device then you don’t need to do it again and again.
  3. The second method to retrieve your activation code: To do the same you have to go to the YouTube on your TV and log in to your YouTube account. These steps will give you an activation code on your TV screen. After this use any computer or laptop browser and head to the Login to your account and enter the activation code in the given space. Once you entered the activation code you need to click on the “Allow” button and now you can watch videos as well as control your account directly from the remote control of the specific device.
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