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If you are wondering how to watch YouTube on your TV then you are in the right place. YouTube allows you to watch your favorite videos and movies on your TV screen by sitting in your living room with your friends and family. The simplest way to enjoy YouTube on your TV is with the help of the activation code of YouTube that appeared on your TV screen or any other device’s screen. For this, you need to go to the activation page of the YouTube. In this article, you will find how to reach the activation page of the YouTube and how to activate your YouTube account on your device.

Steps on activating YouTube on your device

You need to follow some set of steps to activate your device for YouTube. Check out the following steps to activate YouTube on your device:

  1. Figure out the internet connectivity on your TV

As we know YouTube is one of the video streaming applications with the help of the internet. The first step is to check the internet connectivity with your TV. If your device is not connected with the internet then you will not be able to continue the process of activation. Once you check the internet connectivity then move to the next step.

  1. Switch on the device and go to Youtube Application

Now the second step is to switch on the device and look for the YouTube application where you will find the activation code. Go to the settings menu of the app store or channel store. If you are unable to find the YouTube application on your TV then you must check your TV manual to find it. Also, you can download the application from the app store or channel store of the device and then launch it.

  1. To activate YouTube sign in to your YouTube account 

Once you launch the application you need to sign in to you’re your tube account by clicking on the sign in to my account. But if you don’t have an account then click on “create an account”. Then you will be redirected to a new page where you need to create a google account. After completion of creating the account, sign in to your account and move to the next step.

  1. Go to tv

After login to your account on our TV, you will get an activation code. This code will be 8 digit code that you have to save for the rest of the process. Go to the with the help of a computer or laptop or mobile browser.

  1. Sign Into Youtube

After reaching the YouTube activation page sign to you’re your tube account. You need to log in with your Google account you created previously. Make sure both the account must be the same one which is running on your Tv and other which is running on your laptop or computer or mobile. After login follows the instruction appearing on the screen to complete the steps.

  1. Allow access

After completion of all the above-stated steps, you need to allow access to YouTube to sync it with your TV. Once you allow the access you are ready to watch your favorite shows and videos.

  1. Activation Completed

Hurrah! You have completed the activation process of YouTube. You can now enjoy YouTube on your big screen in no time.


The above methods are very easy and quick to activate your tube account on your TV. The steps will be the same for all the devices and you can use them on any device. You can do the activation process with the help of your phone browser as well. In case you are not able to find the YouTube application in your device then this means you cannot use YouTube on that device. If you feel any problem during the activation process then you can contact the customer care of YouTube for technical as well as nontechnical help.

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